The Staffin Community Trust (Urras an Taobh Sear) is determined to unlock the economic potential of our community.

Staffin is classed as a fragile economic area by the region’s enterprise agency and a lack of permanent employment/affordable housing, an ageing population and the loss of our young people in search of work elsewhere are just some of the major challenges we face.

Staffin is one of the Gaelic heartlands of Skye. It has the biggest percentage of Gaelic speakers in Skye, with 50 per cent of the population fluent in the language. Sgoil Stafainn was one of the first schools in Scotland to offer Gaelic-medium education and we have a proud record of hard work and achievement at our local school.

The SCT’s objective is to improve Staffin’s economic prospects, stimulate social and cultural activities and improve services, with the Gaelic language an integral part of that.

The 23 townships of An Taobh Sear are set amidst the Trotternish Ridge.  At 18 miles from north to south, the Ridge (Am bearradh) is believed to be the longest inland cliff in Britain.  With outstanding geology and the most important dinosaur discoveries in the British isles, it is no wonder that the Staffin landscape has top-tier heritage designations.   

The SCT represents the district of Staffin as illustrated in this map. StaffinBoundaryMap

The SCT has been actively developing projects on behalf of the community for three decades. The organisation, which is served by Staffin residents voluntarily giving up their own time to attend meetings, pursue projects and make the key decisions, was set up after a worrying fall in in the local population.

SCT has undertaken a range of ambitious projects with expenditure of more than £750,000. Projects have mainly focused on historical and environmental themes, recognising the assets of the Staffin area: a strong sense of community identity and a spectacular and unique natural environment which is of great attraction to geologists, naturalists and walkers.

The SCT is now a company limited by limited guarantee. It has a board of nine local people who are currently serving as directors. There are also more than 100 SCT members. SCT strives to work closely with other key organisations in the district including the Staffin Community Council, the Staffin Community Hall Association, Columba 1400 and of course local businesses.

To read the SCT’s Articles of Association, please click here: STAFFIN COMMUNITY TRUST ARTICLES OF ASSOC. 

Several changes were made to those Articles at an EGM in 2017, more details here: SCT Articles of Association Cover Note

SCT is a member of the Development Trusts Association Scotland and Community Land Scotland

SCT’s biggest project completed, so far, was the original redevelopment of the Staffin Slipway and access road.

The SCT has also created a number of paths in the community through the Skye Ecomuseum, been responsible for interpretation projects, tree planting, a local history project, patronymics study (family trees) and a place names survey (including digital mapping). The Sùil an t-Solais – Skye Photography Festival, was another successful project.