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Based at Staffin Community Hall

THERE are very few small rural communities in the West Highlands, or indeed in Skye, that can boast their own gym. This impressive and welcoming modern facility is open all-year round for locals and visitors alike.

It only opened in January 2016 but the gym, which is based in Staffin Hall, has become hugely popular and one in 10 Staffin residents are now fully paid up members.  That enthusiasm is largely down to the lengthy opening hours, the modern equipment and a packed programme of classes led by friendly and helpful staff.

The gym has an exercise bike, treadmill, rowing machine, cross trainer, multi gym and toning weights and mats. The classes, which include Metafit, Fatburn Extreme and Abs, are open to both men and women and held in the downstairs main hall. Everybody is welcome, there is a friendly atmosphere and music is played to motivate everybody and drown out the aches and pains!

Access to the gym, by a key fob, is available from 6am to 10pm seven-days-a-week.

That appears to be one of the big positives for gym users. The flexibility of the opening hours allows people ample opportunities to go as, and when, they get time between their work and family commitments. Some people can enjoy going during quieter periods of the day if they feel slightly daunted by other users being in at the same time.

The social aspect of the gym through the classes is another pull for people who enjoy the camaraderie. Having people alongside you who “feel the burn” and are sweating hard can motivate you to push yourselves harder or simply grimace at the same time!

Membership only cost £10 per person for a month (yearly £98) and £15 for a couple/family membership (yearly £148).  A guest or day pass is £5, or just £10 for a week. The gym is open to all visitors to Staffin throughout the year. The gym intends to promote the leisure facility more extensively to the Staffin B&BS and self-catering accommodation so that their guests are aware of the facility.

The classes are popular with gym users and are hugely beneficial to men and women in toning up, building a strong core and improving stamina. The endorphins and “feel good” buzz you can enjoy after just one class can bat away the impact of the long winter nights, low temperatures and lack of sunshine.

The gym is currently running the following classes:

  • Metafit – is a 30-minute, bodyweight only high intensity interval training workout. It was created by a former Royal Marine Commando combines the latest HIIT training techniques with traditional ‘Old school’ bodyweight exercises like press ups, sit ups, burpees, planking, squat jumps, lunges etc to set the metabolism on fire!
  • Abs – this is a great way to tone up the troublesome abdominal region. The class consist of specific moves, sequences and routines put together to give you a great abdominal workout. You could achieve a more defined waist line and a flatter stomach, as well as a boost in energy levels; you will feel your core muscles getting tougher and your abs becoming leaner.
  • Extreme Fatburn – is a 20 min intense class, designed to quickly burn fat and increase sporting performance, used by Premiership football clubs. Dramatic and speedy results guaranteed.

The gym has also held a series of challenges such as a staggered race to see who can first reach the distance to Inverness from Staffin (well over 250 miles!) on a bike or treadmill. Targeting specific muscle percentage increases in a month and a bid to improve everybody’s one-mile run have also been held – suggestions for future challenges are always welcome.

Opening times: 6am to 10pm, seven days a week.

Class Times

TUESDAY: Club Hiit 6pm; Abs 6.30pm

WEDNESDAY: Boxing Skills 7pm

SATURDAY: 10/10/10 9am

Directions: from Portree; the gym is 17 miles north on the A855 road. You travel down the brae into Staffin’s 40 mph speed limit and a 1/2 of a mile north; you take a left-turn at the Staffin Community Hall, which is well-signposted, just before you leave the restricted speed stretch. From Uig or Kilmuir, the gym is only 10 miles away over the spectacular single-track Bealach/Quiraing road or about 16 miles around the north end, respectively. It is first on the right as you enter the 40mph speed zone.

Contact details: Phone Sam Crowe on 07766 081 258 or e-mail

Social Media: More information about the Gym via the Talla Stafainn Facebook page: