The Staffin Community Trust (SCT) is an organisation represented by local people who have Staffin’s best interests at heart. Each director gives up their time voluntarily and there are more than 100 people in the district who are SCT members and generally supportive of its work. It is a fully inclusive, open and transparent organisation and the meetings are open to the community.

Several SCT board members.

Several SCT board members.

To that end, minutes of SCT’s board meetings, which are normally held on the last Tuesday of each month – apart from July and December – and see the progress on its various projects discussed and decisions taken by the directors, can be accessed below. The content of these minutes are as full as possible but information of a sensitive commercial nature is withheld so these are redacted. The SCT board meets at its office next to the Church of Scotland.

Updates on SCT projects will also be provided via the website’s news section or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call in at the SCT office Monday to Friday to speak to development officer Hugh Ross or phone him on 01470 562 464.

SCT mins 25.2.14

SCT mins  29.4.14 

SCT mins 27.5.14 

SCT mins 24.6.14

SCT mins 26.8.14

SCT mins 30.10.14

SCT mins 27.1.15

SCT mins 24.2.15

SCT mins 31.3.15

SCT mins 29.4.15

SCT mins 30.6.15

SCT mins 25.8.15

SCT mins 29.9.15

SCT mins 28.10.15

SCT mins 24.11.15

SCT mins 26.1.16

SCT mins 23.2.16

SCT mins 29.3.16

SCT mins 26.4.16

SCT mins 31.5.16

SCT mins 28.6.16

SCT mins 30.8.16

SCT AGM 2015 mins

SCT Chairman’s Report for Sep 2016 AGM

SCT AGM mins 2016

SCT mins 29.11.16

SCT mins 14.2.17

 SCT mins 6.3.17

SCT mins 4.4.17

SCT mins 29.5.17

SCT mins 4.7.17

SCT Chairman’s Report 2017

SCT minutes 29.8.17

SCT EGM 2017 minutes

SCT mins 31.10.17

SCT mins 28.11.17

SCT mins 30.1.18

SCT mins 27.2.18

SCT mins 27.3.18

SCT board mins 24.4.18

SCT mins 26.6.18

SCT mins 28.8.18

SCT mins 25.9.18

SCT Mins 30.10.18

SCT minutes 27.11.18

SCT minutes 29.1.19

SCT minutes 26.2.19

SCT minutes 28.3.19

SCT minutes 30.4.19

SCT minutes 28.5.19

SCT minutes 27.8.19

SCT mins 25.9.19

SCT mins 29.10.19

SCT AGM 2018 Mins

SCT progress report for 2019 AGM