Wanted: potential affordable housing sites

LOCAL residents, townships and landowners in Staffin are being encouraged to suggest potential sites for new affordable housing.

The Staffin Community Trust has issued the call. Fifteen years have passed since affordable homes were built in Staffin after the houses emerged following the demolition of the old school.

The Trust sees the provision of housing as vital if younger people are to be retained within the district, the school roll decline reversed and jobs created through the proposed Slipway development.

A comprehensive ...

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Pics: Staffin Sheepdog Trials

TROTTERNISH designer Steve Taylor, who constructed the new Staffin Trust website, has another string to his bow.

Steve, who runs Cuillin Web Design from Kensaleyre, is also a talented photographer.

He has an impressive portfolio of images, particularly landscape scenes, built up over the years.

Back in July he visited the Staffin Sheepdog Trials in Elishadder and his collection of pictures from that gloriously sunny day are now on his Flickr site.

Around 300 spectators attended the trials which was won by Lewis man Murdo ...

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‘Copter sparks buzz about Staffin landmarks

STAFFIN landmarks, captured at sunrise by a drone, have played a starring role in a film which has sparked a major buzz on social media.

The Quiraing, Kilt Rock and Old Man of Storr feature prominently in the short film called “Beautiful Scotland”, which was produced by Edinburgh filmmaker John Duncan.

The drone, which was likened to a swarm of bees on its flights around Staffin, saw the area promoted to hundreds of thousands of people across the UK this week.

John visited Staffin back in ...

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Stop press: Staffin housing situation goes national

STAFFIN’s affordable housing needs have made headlines in the national and local media after the issue was highlighted in a report commissioned by the Staffin Community Trust.

The West Highland Free Press carried a page three article about the local demand for new housing in Staffin which was confirmed by the Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust in a major report.

No affordable housing has been built in Staffin since 1999. Despite widespread coverage of the independence referendum result across the media last Friday, both The Herald and The Scotsman also ...

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Housing in Staffin: report confirms local demand

A NEW report on the affordable housing needs of Staffin has confirmed there is local demand for homes.

The Staffin Community Survey, which runs to 24 pages and was commissioned by the Staffin Trust, has highlighted the fact that 15 years have now passed since the last new affordable homes were built on the site of the old Staffin Primary School.

It also draws attention to the out-of-reach cost of properties on the open market in Staffin for young people, the fact that 18 per ...

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The New Staffin Trust website…

WE are in the midst of a historic week. There has been huge hype, speculation and much hand-wringing. The logistics and preparations are all done and it is almost here…

But, step away from your Yes and No banners – the brand new Staffin Community Trust website has finally gone live!

Not only is the electorate going to the polls to vote on the question of independence for Scotland, but the people of Staffin and ...

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