The old single track road into Staffin.

The old single track road into Staffin.


BACK in the 1980s there was a period of major investment in Staffin, which saw huge improvements in our community services, education and transport network.

The sustained efforts of the community, backed by Highlands and Islands Enterprise’s predecessor, the HIDB, saw the Staffin Hall (the Co-Chomunn) built, complete with a shop and restaurant. More details about the story behind the Co-Chomunn can be found via the website 

In the mid-80s, work then began on the upgrade of the main A855 road from Elishadder through to Brogaig. Passing place signs were made redundant on that stretch and a sweeping double-track road and pavements were built. Such is the heavy road traffic which now comes through Staffin it is difficult to imagine how the single-track route would have coped, particularly during the busy summer months. 

The project also saw two new major crossings emerge. A causeway over Loch Mealt was constructed, which saw the end of vehicles travelling by the old winding route round the water’s edge, close to the Kilt Rock. 

A new bridge over the Kilmartin River, close by the old single-track stone bridge, was also constructed. The roadworks fascinated the local children who watched from their playground at the old Staffin Primary School, opposite the Free Presbyterian Church, as the fleet of lorries, including the huge yellow Volvo BMs, which were transporting materials from Lealt Quarry, thundered past.  

Work goes on to construct a new crossing with the old stone bridge in the foreground.

Work goes on to construct a new crossing over the Kilmartin River with the stone bridge in the foreground.

 The children themselves were soon on the move. The doors closed on both Staffin and Digg Primary schools in 1989 and pupils from both joined together in an amalgamation. A new school, which was attended by more than 40 pupils at the start, was built, along with a schoolhouse and grass playing field at its current site, just off the Maligar road.  The old schools’ closures also sadly brought an end to the annual and keenly contested Staffin-Digg derby football match!

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From beyond the barbed wire, roadworks underway.

From beyond the barbed wire, the roadworks underway.