A FRESH selection of old pictures taken of the district feature below. The first photograph is of a festive looking Staffin, looking out to the Bay and a white Stenscholl Island, following a heavy snowfall. There are also two images captured during the construction of the causeway over Loch Mealt as the A855 road went double-track and was diverted from the old single-track route which skirted round the loch, very close to the Kilt Rock.

The old wooden bridge on the Staffin Slip road shows the River Kilmartin in spate. The bridge was later replaced by the current structure, thanks to a healthy dollop of money from Brussels.

On the second row we see the shape of the new road through Staffin as a car heads south over the new surface with the new pavements taking shape. Workmen in yellow oilskins are on the new road bridge over the river in 1986 and there is another picture from a different point at Loch Mealt.

These images are from the 1980s but if anybody has any historic photographs of Staffin and its people, from other decades in yesteryear then please get in touch and we’d be delighted to feature them on the website. E-mail Hugh Ross on staffin.ldo@gmail.com or phone 01470 562 464.